Who is Pratham Chaudhary | Profession | Age , Acheivements | Police Media

Who is Pratham Chaudhary | Profession | Age , Acheivements | Police Media

Pratham Chaudhary Biography , Earnings , Social Media , Profession 

Pratham Chaudhary is very well known to almost everyone but most loved one between the young youth of India he has become very famous from a very young age, he is the youngest entrepreneur from Delhi and he is the founder of NIJE (No Investment Just Earn), he is also an Independent Associate in I.C.I.C.I Bank. He is helping many youths to become self-reliant through his Guidence. He is doing very best guidence sessions specially with the senior officers of Delhi Police mainly of IPS Ranks and also providing the cybers awareness in general public and help them in the fraud situation and get the things recovered from scammers. He is certified Ethical Hacker as well as cyber security expert. He has solved many cases in this field and done memorable works for general public .

Pratham Chaudhary Delhi Police

Pratham Chaudhary Education

Pratham Chaudhary has completed his schooling at a very famous International school Named as Atma Malik International School and Completed his Graduation studies from Delhi University if we look at his early life then he is very good at business studies and science. He was very brilliant in his school life as well as college life. He has completed his cyber security studies from Himachal University as well as from Google. 

As Pratham is an youngest entrepreneur himself, he is acutely conscious of the importance of achieving financial freedom for young youths. Unlike the orthodox Indian mindset, which upholds academic career as the priority, this young entrepreneur promotes starting earning
as early as possible in life.

So, he offers youngsters opportunities to make money using their existing skill sets. He even spends a significant amount of time and effort educating them about how the market functions so that no one feels bewildered while trying to enter the market.

Strengthened by his market knowledge and business expertise, Pratham strives to communicate practical business awareness among the young mind. He recognizes the hidden entrepreneurial potential in Indian youth and leaves no opportunity to inspire them to chase their dreams.

With his goal in mind, he has taken up the mantle of an influencer and educator. Using the merit of his high-quality content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, he has already motivated a significant number of youngsters. His followers eagerly look forward to his video streaming on YouTube, making his channels – Pratham Chaudhary and Pratham Chaudhary Vlogs – extremely popular. Delhi Youngest entrepreneur. And as of Now he has also started his new channel named as Pratham Parivartan for the young youth best guidence as well as for the UPSC aspirants , ssc aspirants. 

Pratham Chaudhary Achievements

Pratham Chaudhary is very well known and respectful person between young youth and he is featured in Times of India , Zee News , Midday etc and in many reputated media. 
He gained lots of followers subscribers and lots of love by the young generation. He also got Many Appreciation by the Governemnt Of India Department such as from Police Department , Audit & Accounts Department as well and many. Recently he got appreciation from Currrent SSP IPS Mohit Chawla on his best performance in cyber security field, and he also got the appreciation by the IAAS officer Mr. Lokesh Datal. He also got the National Idol Award by the Betiya Foundation Delhi he got invited their as a VVIP Guest.

Some Pictures of his Achievements 

Pratham Chaudhary is also a National Basketball Player at the NBA academy and has numerous skills. He is a certified ethical Hacker from ISO and has even achieved a degree in Photoshop Editing. 

Pratham Chaudhary Modeling Journey

The young prodigy is also a Model and has participated in numerous modeling shows at Filmcity, Mumbai. Due to his exceptional modeling skills and his talent, he had the privilege to collaborate with some of the leading brands in the market at such a young age. 
With so many skills at his fingertips and a plethora of achievements at just the age of 19, Pratham Chaudhary is inspiring youth to take up their dreams and be the best version of themselves. He has proved to the world that if you can dream it then you can definitely achieve it. He met many of the bollywood stars also recently he met the bOLLYWOOD KING THE MUSIC KING Mika Singh. 

Pratham Parivartan Journey

Pratham Chaudhary has also started a best guidence channel on Youtube named as Pratham Parivartan and he featured many of the senior cops as well as bureaucrats also and he is doing very great in this many of the youth got the best chance to shape their career in the civil services. Many officers have appreciate him for this best initiative towards the youth guidence.

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